The CEX+ provides a richer trigger mode, 34 kinds of automatic parameter measurement and common mathematical operation functions, and optimizes the panel operation, which greatly improves the work efficiency and can easily cope with the measurement needs of complex signals.

  • Dual Channel, 100 Mhz
  • Real Time Sample Rate: 1GSa/s
  • Memory Depth 64kpts, Waveform Acquisition Rate ≥5000wfms/s
  • Display range 8div x16 div and has a new Autoset strategy ,which can easily cope with complex test scenarios
  • HD color LCD screen display
  • Multi-language optional ,With 9 languages, it can meet the needs of users in more countries
  • Multi-frequency square wave optional,ouput standard square wave 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz,10kHz optional
  • Various parameter measurement and waveform recording function

Specifications UTD2102CEX+
Channels 2
Bandwidth 100MHz
Sample Rate 1GS/s
Rise Time ≤3.5ns
Memory Depth 64kpts
Waveform Acquisition Rate ≥5000wfms/s
Vertical Sensitivity (V/div) 1mV/div~20V/div
Timebase Range (s/div) 2ns/div~50s/div
Storage Setup, Wave, Bitmap
Trigger Modes Edge, Pluse, Alternate, Video
Interface USB OTG

Warranty: 1 Year


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