Indian Railway Model, 4 ¾ digit 31000 counts which measures Vac Vdc Vac+Vdc Aac+Adc Ohm Continuity Diode Automatic Data Hold, Negative Value, Auto/Manual range, continuity test, Temperature(PT100/PT1000).

Computer connectivity with attachable interface adaptor (optional). The automatic Terminal blocking system prevents incorrect connection. Protective Rubber Holster for rough duty & Auto Ranging/ Manual Mode. Features : – Indian Railway Model, Measures Vac Vdc Vac+Vdc Aac+Adc, Ohm Continuity Diode Automatic DataHold, Negative Value, Auto/Manual range, Continuity test , Temperature (PT100/PT1000), Overload warning, Auto Power off, Cat II/III

– Display 4 ¾ digit
– Counts 31000
– AC Voltage Range 1mV to 1000V
– DC Voltage Range 10µV-1000V
– AC Current Range 1µA-10A
– DC Current Range (Amp) 10nA-10A
– Resistance Range (Ohm) 10 mohm – 30 Mohm
– Capacitance Range (F) 1pF – 10000µF
– Frequency Range (Hz) 0.01 Hz – 100 KHz
– Operating Temperature -200 C – 850 C
– Weight (g) 500 g

Warranty: 3 Year


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