3 ¾ Digit 3100 counts
– Measures Vac Vdc Aac Adc Ohm Diode DataHold Farad Hz Duty cycle, Neg Value ind,
– Auto/ Manual range,
– Continuity test, Temp. measurement (PT100/PT1000),
– Overload warning,
– Auto Power off,
– interface & software Rishcom 100. Cat IV- Optional

RISH multi is automatically calibrated with respect to Fluke 5500 / Wavetek 9100. Automatic calibration is done through a developed calibration software with RS232 connection to the multimeter. Every multimeter is provided with the Test Certificate which is traceable to National / International standards

– Display 3¾ digit, 3100
– AC Voltage Range 1mV to 1000V
– DC Voltage Range 10µV-1000V
– AC Current Range 1µA-10A
– DC Current Range (Amp) 100nA-10A
– Capacitance Range (F) 10pF – 30µF
– Frequency Range (Hz) 0.1 Hz – 100 KHz
– Operating Temperature -10 C -50 C
– Storage Temperature -25 C – 70 C
– Altitude 2000 m
– Power Input 9V
– Dimensions 84x195x35 mm
– Weight (g) Approx. 0.35 Kg with battery
– Includes 1 multimeter,1 Probe Set,1 copy of operating instructions,1 test certificate,1 rubber holster with tilt stand and carrying strap

Warranty: 3 Year- Brand Warranty


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