The 6015 new multimeter is made for professional use that offers safety, large range count, reliability, ruggedness, a complete tool for test automation and is equipped with more than 30 different measuring functions along with data logging facility & plug and play USB for connection with PC (Data Kit Sold Separately)

AC Voltage Range 6V to 1000V
AC Voltage Accuracy ±(0.9% +10)
DC Voltage Range 6V-1000V
DC Voltage Accuracy ±(0.9% +10)
AC Current Range 600μA-10A
AC Current Accuracy ±(1.5% +10)
DC Current Accuracy ±(1.5% +10)
DC Current Range (Amp) 600μA-10A
Sensing True RMS
Resistance Range (Ohm) 600Ω-40MΩ
Resistance Accuracy ±(0.1% +10)
Capacitance Range (F) 10nF-1000µF
Capacitance Accuracy ±(5% + 6)
Frequency Range (Hz) 600Hz-1MHz
Frequency Accuracy ±(0.1% +5)
Temperature Range(C) -200°C-1200°C
Temperature Accuracy ±(0.3%+15)
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C, 45%…55% RH
Storage Temperature -25 to 70°C
Altitude Up to 2000 m
Power Input 3V± 0.1V
Type of Product Digital Multimeter

Warranty: As Per Rishabhs Policy.


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