+ 3.7 inch (480×320) high resolution LCD
+ 55000 counts
+ Up to 65 readings per second
+ True RMS AC voltage / current measurement
+ Dual line display supported
+ Trend analysis accessible in chart mode
+ SCPI support

DC Voltage 50.000mV, 500.00mV, 5.0000V, 50.000V, 500.00V, 1000.0V
AC Voltage 500mv-750v
DC Current 500uA, 5000uA, 50mA, 500mA, 5A, 10A
AC Current 500uA-500mA, 5A-10A
Resistance 500Ω, 5KΩ, 50KΩ, 500KΩ, 5MΩ, 50MΩ
Four-wire resistance 500Ω, 5KΩ, 50KΩ
Frequency 10.000Hz–60MHz
Capacitance 50nF-500uF 5mF-50mF
Diode 3.0000 V
Continuity 1000 Ω
Temperature: K type,PT100
Display: 55,000
Data-logging Function
Logging Duration: 15ms-9999s

Logging Length : 1,000 points

Warranty: 1 Year- Brand


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