Creative USB isolation function fulfills direct device- powering via USB port, and supports floating measurement (isolation voltage upto 1000V), making the operation more user-friendly, assuring safer T&M environment, and decreasing the interference to micro signal- measuring to the minimum.
Band Width: 25MHz;
Analog Bandwidth: 25MHz
Sample Rate: 100MS/s

The Owon Wave Rambler is USB2.0-powered and connected and features a large 5kSa buffer and fast 100MSa/s sampling to capture high-speed signals. A built-in x1/x10 switch allows higher voltage signals up to 50V to be displayed (vertical sensitivity is 5mV/div – 5V/div). The horizontal scale can be set between 5ns/div and 100s/div. Control of the Wave Rambler is by means of a unique trackball built into the probe top for easy use – no need to take hands-off and adjust the PC!


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