Digital Benchtop ,True RMS, 4.5 Digit Multimeter
Test Functions: AC/DC V, AC/DC Amp,Resistance, Cap.,Freq

DC Voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V/750V
– AC Current: 200mA/2A/20A
– DC Current: 20mA/200mA/2A/20A
– Resistance: 200/2K/20K/200K/2M/20M
– Capacitance: 20nF/2uF/200uF
– Frequency: 20KHz/200KHz
– Input impedance: 10M
– Sampling rate: 3 times/s
– AC Frequency response:40~50KHz
– Max. display: 19999
– LCD size: 65 X 45mm
– Battery :AC220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz

Warranty: As per MetroQ’s policy.


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