Colour LCD, Autorange SMART Multimeter , Palm size easy to operate is a necessary tool for every Technical person . One switch ON to measure any range. Can be used Electric and Electronic Industry , DIY and Servicing.

  Range Resolution Best accuracy
DC Voltage 600m/6/60/600/600 v 0.1m/0.001/0.01/0.1/1V -+(1.0%+5Dgt)
AC Voltage 600m/6/60/600/600 v 0.1m/0.001/0.01/0.1/1V 1.2%+5Dgt
DC Current 600m/6/10A 0.1m/1m/10mA +(1.5%+5Dgt)
AC Current 600m/6/10A 0.1m/1m/10mA +(1.8%+5Dgt)
Resistance 600/6k/60k/6M/60 mO 0.1 /1/10/100/1k/10k Ohm +(13%+5Dgt)
Frequency 10/100/1M/10M/20M Hz 0.1 /1/10/100/1k/10k Hz (1.5%+5Dgt)
Capacitance 6n/60n/600n/6u/60u/600u/6m/60mF 1p/10p/100p/1n/10n/100n/1u/10uF (3%+5Dgt)
Continuity Buzzer YES
Data Hold YES
Diode Test  YES
Display Count  6000 Count
Display LCD
Low Battery Indiaction YES
Automatic Shutdown  YES
Auto / Manual Range  YES
SMART Feature  YES
OverLoad Protection  YES
Display Backlight  YES
Product Size  120*60*20mm
Power Source 2* AAA Battery
Product Weight (approx) . 150 gms
Operating Conditions 0-40°c /<75%



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